Working from home is quickly becoming a more common perk of employment. Many employees request that some of the work, if not all, of their work, be remote as a part of their contract. But it’s not just the workers that enjoy performing at home. There are tons of benefits for employers, too. Communications Technology Makes it Easier than Ever Now that the majority of communication is completed via e-mail or over the phone, it’s easier than ever before for workers to remain in-tuned with coworkers and quickly answer customers. Even meetings are often done remotely via web conferencing software. Your employees won’t miss anything that’s happening within the office regardless of where they’re within the world. Remote Work Can prevent Money Remote work can save both employees and therefore the companies they work for money. for workers, they economize on commuting costs. By eliminating an extended commute, they need more personal time, which decreases stress and increases productivity. For companies, if any of their employees work remotely, they will cut costs on overhead. Without numerous employees wanting to be within the office, the corporate can operate out of smaller spaces. Some companies could also be ready to operate almost exclusively with remote employees, drastically lowering overhead costs. Companies can save billions of dollars by allowing employees to telecommute. Top Candidates search for Remote Work Opportunities If your company wants to stay competitive with top candidates when you’re looking to fill positions, offering remote work and versatile schedules is a method to try to that. Your company will look good to potential candidates and should be ready to attract your top choices. additionally, you’re not limited to candidates who sleep in an equivalent city because of the company offices. For remote work, the pool of potential candidates expands to incorporate those living anywhere within the world. Hiring someone in another location would not mean requiring them to maneuver. Employees Are More Productive Although it’s going to sound counterintuitive to several, most employees are literally more productive working remotely. Many managers wish to keep an eye fixed on their employees and see them within the office, it’s actually the office setting that gives the foremost distractions. Important meetings with coworkers and even general office noise can kill an employee’s focus. Working from home allows staff members to eliminate distractions and interruptions which will reduce their productivity. Remote work also can decrease stress. Quite 80% of remote workers say that performing from home has reduced their stress. Less stress leads to better health and also higher levels of productivity. Are you trying to find an HRIS solution to assist your company manage employees and company communications? SimplHRM HR Management Software can match you with the proper software for your company’s needs. SimplHRM is the free HR software that is simple and easy to use.