HRM Software stands for Human Resource Management System. HRM is used for hiring, training, managing, evaluating and maintaining information of all employees (Human Resource) in an organization. In some cases, HRM software is also known as HRIS, Human Resource Information System. With the increase in Business complexity and competition, employee management has become increasingly more complicated and difficult. Employees expect more from their companies and companies expect more from employees. To achieve the maximum in each case, a proper system is required to manage employee expectations as well as their output. Management of employees requires timely payroll management, succession planning, recruitment of the right candidates, and management of employees’ everyday needs like Leave approval, Expense Claims management, and Payslip management. To enable a company to get the maximum out of its employees, it needs to review their performance, their attendance, and their career progression. An HRM Software should ideally provide all these functions to an organization. Pay Slip generator is very useful. Leave Approval through HRM Software leave Management and Expense Claim through HRM Expense claims. Admin Dashboard:  In the section, the manager can easily find out all the details about employees work at the company. Total Employee, department, details of the employee and much more. Employee dashboard:  With HRMS Timesheet Management, recording of employee tasks on a time-line becomes much simpler, faster and accurate. The system monitors and generates timesheets for each employee which includes a start and end time for each task. HRMS Timesheet is an effective, Time Tracking software that tracks regular working hours, as well as overtime and off-times payments. Expense Management:  Expense management is very easy with SimpleHRM. You can take the record of each and every small expense in the company. Benefits of HRM Software: Delivers improved services Reduced cost of Time and Labour Improves Accuracy Prompt Insight and Analysis Employee Satisfaction Why SimplHRM? Our HRM software gives you all the necessary tools to build, manage, and motivate your employees. From onboarding and attendance management to time tracking and appraisals, we’ve got it all covered.